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November 11, 1940

     Charles Hendley, president of the teachers union, Local 5, addressing more than 2,200 teachers who attended a rally in defense of education and civil liberties, yesterday afaternoon, at Manhattan Center.  Hendley has been cited for contempt because he refused to hand over union membership lists to the witch-hunting Coudert Committee, which is determined to discredit the public school system thereby helping the real estate interests to cut state aid to education.  Others at the meeting were Dr. Bella V. Dodd, legislative representative of Local 5; Robert Lynd, author and professor at Columbia university; Elmer Brown, president of the Typographical Union; Robert Speer, president of College Teachers Union, Local 537 and professor at New York University and William Mulligan, defense attorney for the Teachers Union.

February 6, 2005