Brooklyn College

This is the original masthead for the Pioneer.  It changed over the years. 


On June 3, the Pioneer staff struck to protest adminstrative interference in the election of the radical Eli Jaffi as editor-in-chief and issued a two-page newsletter headed Pioneer Board (see page 1 and page 2 for the layout with the blank columns).

June 3, "Pioneer Staff Strikes: We Strike for Student Control," page 1

June 3 "Spotlight Backs Pioneer Strike," page 1

June 3, "An Open Letter to President William A. Boylan and the Faculty Committee on Publications," page 1

June 3, "Beacon Supports Pioneer Strike," page 1

June 3, "Support the Strike" (student petition), page 2

June 3, "Journalism Honor Group Supports Pioneer Strike," page 2

June 3, "Potpourri Staff Backs Pioneer Staff Strike," page 2

  May 17, 2006