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December 6, 1935, Page 6

Fifteen BC Student
Pickets Acquitted
After Five Hearings

            Forty-six pickets. including fifteen Brooklyn College students, charged with disorderly conduct while picketing May's Department Store on November 2, were acquitted last Friday by Magistrate Cullen in Coney Island Court. One of the pickets, a striker, was found guilty of the same charge and given a suspended sentence.

            The employees of May's store have been on strike for the past two months in protest against sweatshop working conditions and wages as low as six dollars per week.

            The pickets, representing many workers, youth, and student groups sympathetic to the striking employees, had formed a mass picket lines [sic] in front of the store. They were immediately stopped by the police and charged with obstructing traffic. After spending more than nine hours in jail the pickets were released, pending trial, in the custody of their lawyer.

            The present decision was the culmination of five hearings since the arrests on November 2.


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