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February 21, 1936, Page 4

Bulletin of UAR
Scores Teaching
In Nazi Regime

Editorial Claims German Curri-
      culum Includes Revenge,
            Hatred and Militarism

            Articles attacking German Fascism dominate the third issue of the Record, official bulletin of the Union Against Reaction, issued on Tuesday.

            An editorial on "Nazism and Education" describes the reorganizing of the German curriculum on the basis of "militarism, hatred and revenge," and the attempts of German educators to distort learning until it "proves" Nazi ideology. As a result, continues the article, history is valued only as an "instrument of political indoctrination" and therefore objectivity is rejected as one of the numerous fallacies of liberalism. Biology is the "science of race" research in chemistry and physics is devoted to military fields, psychology is termed unmanly, and study in mathematics and the foreign languages is discouraged as a '"waste of time."

            Urging a continuation of the fight against fascism and for academic freedom, the editorial concluded, "it becomes quite clear that enlightenment and fascism are entirely incompatible."

            The extend to which the various sciences have felt the lash of Nazi philosophy is covered by S Bradford Stone in "Science under Histlerism." Mr. Stone discusses the effect of Germany's political doctrines, the intellectual climate of the German scientific world, and the training of the new generation.

            Curtailments and distortions of academic study and research are already taking their toll of Germany's intellectual preeminence, the article points out, since the Nazis look with disfavor on the theory of relativity and abuse a mythical "Jewish approach to mathematical physics." A new cult of Natural Healing which renounces the "overestimated discoveries of old science'" can only cause the world to fed contempt for a once-famous German scholarship, declares Mr. Stone.

            The Record also includes a short review of David Ewen's article on German music under fascism, which was printed in the American Spectator.

            A page of quotations gathered from various publications and speeches complete this issue. It contains the declaration of the Chief of Police of Atlanta,.Georgia that "any book with 'liberty' on the front of it is bound to be radical."


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