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February 7, 1936, Pages 1, 5

Teachers' Group
To Hear Editor
On Pareto Work

Dr. Arthur Livingston to Discuss
      Bolshevism and Fascism As
            Pareto Sees Them

            I)r. Arthur Livingston, translator and editor of Pareto's Mind and Society, will address the Union Against Reaction Wednesday evening, February 19; at 7:30. He is to discuss Bolshevism and Fascism from a standpoint of Pareto's theory,.

            Dr. Livingston is at present professor of French in the modern languages and literature department of the Columbia University graduate school. He formerly gave Italian courses at the university. He has received honors as Cavaliere della Corona d'Italia and Detutazione Zeneta Tridentina di Storia-Patria, Dr.Livingston is not in agreement with the present principlcs and activities of Mussolini.

            The Union Against Reaction is an organization composed of day and evening teachers of Brooklyn College who are pledged to "actively assist the forces fighting such reactionary Fascist movements" as the dismissal of students and teachers .for anti-war activity, the curtailment of educational facilities and the suppression of civil rights and academic freedom. It was organized in the middle of last semester under the presidency of Professor Harry Slochower.


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