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May 10, 1935, Page 1

Circulate Bulletin
Calling For Ouster
Of Mr. Holloway

Accuse Teacher of Threatening:
      Pupils In Effort To Curb
            Anti - War Strike

      A two-page bulletin accusing Mr James J. Holloway, a tutor in the Speech department, of threatening with failure any of his students who participated in the April 12 Anti-War strike, and calling for his dismissal from the College staff, was circulated Wednesday by a Brooklyn College Emergency Committee.

            The article further asserted that the Emergency Committee has indisputable evidence that Mr, Holloway not only has threatened physical violence to the Anti-War strikers, but that, in 1931, he organized a vigilante committee to assault the strikers with bricks and tomatoes.

            [In] An article in yesterday's New York Times, the Emergency Committee is said to consist of representatives of the National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy.

            On Wednesday evening, after the circulation of the accusations against Mr. Holloway, Eli Jaffe and Harold Boxer, Brooklyn College correspondents to the New York Times and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle respectively, called at Mr. Holloway's home as representatives of those newspapers and asked him to comment on the charges. In a statement to a Spotlight reporter, Harold Boxer claimed that he and Eli Jaffe were assaulted by Mr. Holloway and his brother, and that Jaffe was thrown down the stairs.

            Mr. Holloway refused to issue any statements to a Spotlight reporter. Professor Thomas E. Coulton. acting Chairman of the Speech department, decried the use of the name of Brooklyn College by the National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy in the Times article. Professor Coulton said that he is making no recommendation which he would care to reveal to the student body, stating that all decisions must come from President Boylan, who subsequently refused to issue any statement.


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