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November 7, 1935, Page 1

Speakers Emphasize
Concerted Action
At Anti - War Rally

            Stressing the significance of tomorrow's Student-Faculty Mobilization for Peace as an outstanding means to counteract the militarism which usually characterizes Armistice Day, George Edwards, representative of the Student League for Industrial Democracy, spoke to the Anti-War League yesterday.

            Mr. Edwards declared that the November 8 demonstration proved that the. impending world war and the continued suppression of academic freedom has rallied all anti-war forces to a demonstration that promises to be the greatest in the history of the anti-war movement, The speaker also praised student unity as indicative of a "new orientation in radical strident thinking away from sectarianism toward the creation of a broad mass basis for action."

            Thomas Fair Neblett, president. of the National Student Federation of America, declared that his organization "didn't want a war and didn't want to be a part of the procedure that makes for war." David Schreiber, editor of Potpourri, represented the National Student League in a talk in which he asked for support of the proposed American Student Union.

            Dr. Harry Slochower of the German department, who acted as chairman, stated in closing that "alone we can get nothing; united we can get almost everything."


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