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October 25, 1935, Page 5

Decries Militarism
Of National Anthem

            The belief of Dr. John L. Tildsley, assistant superintendent in charge of the. city's high schools, that The Star Spangled Banner was "too militaristic" to be sung in high schools did not find sympathy yesterday among his colleagues at Board of Education Hall Tuesday.

            Mr. Ralph R. McKee, vice-president of the board, said that the national anthem should be retained "until we have something better." Mr. Edward Mandel, associate superintendent, who has completed a survey of songs used in the public schools, was also very emphatic in voicing his disapproval of Dr. TiIdsley's stand.

            Dr George H. Gartlan, director of music, dismissed the controversy as a "tempest In a teapot."

            "I am in favor of retaining the song," he stated. "It is the national anthem, so why argue about it?"

            Dr. Harold G. Campbell, Superintendent of Schools, and George J. Ryan, president of the school board, did not comment on Dr. Tildslev's position. Other high school officials demonstrated a like declination to be drawn into the discussion although most expressed no reservations when they endorsed the anthem personally.


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