Stanza I
        Line 1, wight: fellow, person.
        Line 3, sedge: marsh grass.

Stanza II
        Line 2, woe-begone: sorrowful, miserable.

Stanza IV
        Line 1, meads: meadows.

Stanza V
        Line 2, zone: belt.
        Line 3, as: while, as if.

Stanza VII
        Line , manna dew: While the Israelites are wandering in the desert, God sends a dew which solidifies and becomes manna (a food).

Stanza VIII
        Line 1, grot: grotto.

Stanza IX
        Line 3, latest: most recent, last.

Stanza X
        Line 4, in thrall: enslaved, enthralled.

Stanza XI
        Line 1, gloam: twilight.

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