Registering for Caucus

1. Call up your Internet provider--e.g., AOL, Juno, Bluelight. If you are using a computer on campus, click on Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
2. Enter the URL:
3. The Start Page appears.
4. Click on self-register, which appears in the following sentences:
First time at this page? You may self-register a userid and password.
5. Type your name as your ID (e.g., I use lmelani).
6. Press the Tab key or use your mouse to move to the next text box.
7. Type a password, up to 15 characters with no spaces. Pick something you can remember, and/or write it down somewhere secure.
8. Move to the next text box and type your password again.
9. Type your first name, then your last name.
10. Type your e-mail address. If you don't have one, type ""
11. Click on the Register button.
12. You will be asked to enter your ID and your password again.
13. When the Brooklyn College Caucus Center screen appears, click on 3. A list of all conferences.
14. Scroll down the list of conferences until you come to Core Studies Melani: Spring 2001.
15. Click once on Core Studies Melani: Spring 2001.
16. Scroll to the bottom of the Join Core_Studies_Melani? screen ; click on the first button, Yes! The text after this button reads:
Make me a member of the conference,
and add it to my Personal Conference List (Recommended).
17. The Core_Studies_Melani Conference appears.

Participating on Caucus

To Call up Caucus

1. Call up your Internet provider/Web browser--e.g., Netscape Naviagator, Internet Explorer, AOL.
2. Enter the URL for Caucus:
3. Enter your name and password.
4. Enter your password a second time, to confirm. Click on the Press to Confirm button.
5. On the BC Caucus Center Page, the conference for this course appears under this sentence:

1. Your Personal Conference List: read all new discussion in your list, or edit your list.
6. Click on Core Studies Melani: Spring 2001.

To Write Your Comment in Caucus

1. Scroll down to the sentence which reads: "You may create a new item, read all the items or the new material, or click on item titles listed below to read individual items."
2. Click on create a new item.
3. Enter a title to indicate the subject of your message.
4. Tab down to the message box and begin typing.

To Upload a File

1. To upload a file you saved in your word processer, click on the Upload button.
      Note: Caucus requires text files or HTML files.
2. Enter the path and filename in the text box after item #1.
      If you don't remember them exactly, click on the Browse button and find the file you want. Highlight it, and click.
3. For item #2, place your cursor in the circle before "plain text file" and click once.
4. Click on the Upload! button.

To Send Your File

1. Scroll down and click on the Create + View button to see your text as it will be sent, if you wish.
2. Click on the Create + Go button to add your message to the Caucus discussion.

To Read Other Students' Comments

1. Call up Caucus.
2. Item #1 on the Brooklyn College Conference Center screen reads:
Your Personal Conference List: read all new discussion in your list, or edit your list.
Under this sentence, the conference name, Core Studies Melani: Spring 2001, appears in one column and the number of items with new discussion appears in a second column.
  • If you click on Core_Studies_Melani: Spring 2001, a list of all the subjects discussed appears, with the number of comments on this subject and an indication of new responses to a subject. Click on the subject you are interested in and read.
  • If you click on read all new discussion, all that will appear is new comments with the name of the sender and the date.

Problems with Caucus

If you have problems registering for Caucus or using Caucus, please let me know, so that we can find a solution. You may talk to me before class, after class, or during my office hours; e-mail me; or phone me. If you are using a computer lab on campus, you may ask the aides for immediate help.