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      Lists 3 million jobs. General, with emphasis on finance, healthcare, and engineering. News, career articles, salary calculation, relocation guide. Can search over 50 sites.

      General, with emphasis on finance, healthcare, human resources, marketing, sales, and technology. Over 100,000 job listings. News, information, statistics, lists of professional associations, and conferences.
      General, but heavy temphasis technology positions taken from newspaper ads. Over 300,000 listings from 90 newspapers. News, facts, articles, career counseling, discussion boards, chat, company profiles, and information about job fairs.
      General, with emphasis on engineering, finance, infomration technology, and sales/marketing. 170,000 listings. Two newsletters, career assessment tools, resume services, financial advice, and career library.

      General, with focus on advertising/PR, engineering, finance, healthcare, human resources, Internet technology and telecommunications. Over 5,000 employers. Relocation guide with information about other cities, benefits information, and career library.

      General. Over 9,000 employers. Allows three separate resumes. News, articles, industry informaiton, salary data, tips on resume writing, relocation services.
      General, with focus on healthcare, human resources, Internet, and technology. Over 300,000 jobs. Allows five separate resumes. Over 1,500 apges of career advice and information, a job seeker board, cat, and free newsletters.

Yahoo! Careers.
      General. Collects listings from dozes of online sources. Offers careers tracks, e.g., college, international entrepreneurialism, military, and high-tech. Over 800,000 listings. Information about salaries, companies, industries; advice about writing a resume, interviewing and legal tips.

American Medical Association.
      Activities and statements of the AMA. Information on selected diseases, withupdates and in-depth reportion, resources for patients and professionals, the latest literature, treatment and treatment centers, prevention facts and references.

America's Doctor
      Information on health topics and clinical trials. A medical dictionary and a drug dictionary. A chat room with a doctor, who answers questions.

Mayo Clinic
      World-famous clinic dispenses health advice and information. Subscribe to to "Housecall," medical updates sent to you by e-mail.

National Library of Medicine PubMed
      PubMed is the National Library of Medicine's search service that provides access to over 11 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, and other related databases, with links to participating online journals.

Thrive Online
      Health issues, including contraceptive assessment and important medical tests. Organizations and hotlines for over 100 conditions. Chat room and bulletin boards. Low-fat recipes.

Web Medicine
      Medline search options include years, language of research/article, article type, and age groups. HONmedia (the Medical Site Search option) offers over 1,650 medical images and videos, pertaining to 1,200 topics and themes.

Free Advice.Com
      This site offers legal information ranging from accident law, criminal law, and general law to immigration law, personal injury law, and small claims. Compiled by attorneys.

      Download free legal forms, arranged by category: wills and trusts, sales, leases, partnerships, employment, business, real estate. For a few documents, there is a fee.

City Rail Transit
      Schedules and information about subways, trams, etc. around the world.

Digital City.
      Find out about entertainment, sports, people, news, and other facts about cities across the U.S. Click on a state, or enter the name or zip code of a city.

      Get information about jobs, apartments, schools, utilities, etc. about a city or area you are considering moving to.

National Center for Infections Diseases--Travelers' Health.
      Health information, dangers, and precautions when traveling abroad; traveling with children; special needs; cruise ships; links to other government health sites.

National Register Information System.
      Information about sites in the National Register. Good guide for sights in an area, including New York City and State. Search by name, by location, or by agency.

Online Vacation Mall.
      Make reservations, find vacation bargains, plan your vacation.

The "Full" Universal Currency Converter.
      Currency information on 180 currencies in over 250 geographical locations. Easy to use.

U.S. State Department: Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets.
      Information about political conditions and dangers abroad; general information about foreign countries. Your Internet Home for the Arts.
      Search for tickets nationwide by event name, by city, by date, by performer or group, or by arts organization.Free newsletter. The Offical Exhibition Calendar of the World's Leading Art Museums.
      Search by city, by artist's name, by exhibition, by keyword, or by museum.

Movie Review Query Engine
      Over 20,000 movie reviews. Search by title or browse lists of titles.

The Internet Movie Database.
      Comprehensive site about movies. Information, news, reviews, US movie showtimes.

Yahoo Broadcast.
      Programs from thousands of radio and TV stations around the world. Listen to Brazilian music, British news, Italian soccer, etc.

Absolute Trivia
      If you enjoy trivia, you'll love this site. It contains over 15,000 facts, which change daily. Search engine.

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards.
      Send friends and relatives cards over the Internet for special occasions or just on impulse. Free.

Garden Guides--Come Garden with Us.
      Information, advice, and pictures.

How Stuff Works
      A wealth of information on a variety of subjects, like how a submarine works or how CDs work. A site for the curious--or parents with curious children.

Spice Advice.
A useful site for those of you who like to cook. Recipes for various spices; information about spices.

The Onion
      The funniest site on the Internet, according to many. Satiric.

MSN Gaming Zone
      Over 120 games, including mosto f Microsoft's retail games, actaion and strategy games, and classic board and card games. Over 30,000 users online most of the time. Free, except for a few games.

Urban Legends
      Are there really alligators in the NYC sewer system? or is this an urban legend? Check this site to find out about stories are just that--stories, not truth; about reports of computer viruses that are really hoaxes; and about folklore. Topics range from accidents, celebrities, and college to crime, ghost stories, musisc, and weird news.

      Database of games. Register and receive a game a month via e-mail.
      Bank rates, charges, and other bank information. The Consumer Insurance Guide.
      News about the insurance industry; information about annuities, auto insurance, business insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and life insurance; ratings of insurance companies; an insurance company guide; a complaint finder; a lawsuit library; links; and reader forums. Search engine.

Review Finder.
      Reviews of products: audio, computer hardware, computer software, gadgets, music, office eqiupment, onlineservices, photography, telephones, tools, toys, video, videogame consoles and console games.

My Government Page.
      Find out who represents you; send e-mail to elected officials; track their votes. Learn the names of officials of federal, state, and local agencies and of the federal courts.

New York City Gov: The Office New York City Web Site
      Links to elected officials. Agency List. Online services, city government questions, FAW, organization charts. Attractions and events. What's new. Search engine. Get government forms and register complaints.

U.S. Bureau of the Census.
      Statistics on the U.S.

U.S. Post Service.
      Pay all your bills easily online. New Electronic Document Delivery Service. Track package delivery. E-merchandise return. Ppay bills online. Search engine, keywowrds.

Welcome to the White House.


Tenant Net.
      A tenant advocacy group.

New York State Division of Housing and Community Relations.
      Administers rent rules.


Brooklyn College Home Page.

CUNY Home page.

Universities and Colleges.

Best Big On-Line Bookstores.
      Links, with description, of dozens of online bookstores. A good place to comparison shop or track down a book. Bookstores are organized by size. U.S. and Canada, antiquarian bookstores, and links to other lists of bookstores., the textbox division of Barnes and Noble, claims to be the world's largest textbook store. Buy or sell textbooks. Guarantees students a buyback price at the time of sale. Search by title, author, or subject.

AOL Plug-in Center.
      Download plug-ins for your Web browser to extend its capabilities, e.g., Shockwave & Flash to see movies,RealPlayer or Winamp (MPc) to play music.

Computer hoaxes.
      Want to know if a computer virus is real or just a hoax? Try this site.

List of Listservs, Newsgroups, ftp, irc..
      Get addresses and rules of listservs, newsgroups, etc. Subscribe to free e-mail publications--VocabularyMail, Philosophy Quote, Literature Quote, Email Meals, Site-a-Day, etc.

My Docs Online
      Back up your files on the Web; 25 MB of free storage space. A desktop utility lets you drag and drop files between this site and your own computer. You can't use stored files, but you can send them to friends and colleagues as e-mail attachments.

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