Vocabulary and Allusions: "Ode on a Grecian Ode"

Stanza I
Line 3, sylvan: pertaining to or living in the woods; hence, a sylvan historian records scenes in the woods.
Line 8, Tempe: a beautiful valley in Greece, it was sacred to Apollo, the god of poetry and music.
            Arcady: the literary word for Arcadia, in the central Peloponnesus. Zeus was born there, in one account. The word connotes a place of rural peace and simplicity because of the ancient reputation of its inhaitants as innocent and peaceful.
Line 10, timbrels: ancient tambourines
Stanza II
Line 3, sensual ear: ear of the senses, i.e., they hear.
Stanza V
Line 1, Attic: Grecian. Attica is in the central part of Greece where Athens was located.
            brede: embroidery.
Line 2, overwrought: covered with.
Line 5, cold pastoral: pastoral story in marble.
            pastoral: (1)pertaining to shepherds; hence it connotes simple, peaceful country life and the qualities associated with such a life, e.g., naturalness and innocence. (2) a kind of poem which praises the virtues of country living (simplicity, innocence, etc.).

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