Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
    Links to other Shakespeare sites; a search engine.

Shakespeare Web
    Some students may find the Shakespeare Queries and Replies worth perusing. If you like word games, try Poetry Panel. Today in Shakespeare History discusses briefly events during Shakespeare's lifetime (reverse chronology).

Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page
    A theory about who really wrote Shakespeare's plays--Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. (Other theories suggest Christopher Marlowe or Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's plays.)

The Shakespeare Authorship Page: Dedicated to the Proposition that Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare
    The name says it all.


A Short Course on Hamlet
    The section called Course provides an introduction, asks questions about each scene, provides sample answers to the questions, and includes some critical essays. The Forum is a discussion of various topics, e.g., Hamlet's dislike of his parents.

Hamlet and His Problems
    An essay by T.S. Eliot

Heavy Seneca: His Influence on Shakespeare's Tragedies
    You may want to skim this essay till you come to the section discussing the influence of Seneca (died 65 A.D.) on Hamlet.

The Hamlet Homepage
    Topics briefly discussed: characters, plot outline, themes, study questions.

The Serpent Now Wears the Crown: A Typological Reading of Hamlet
    This essay uses a typlogical interpretation, which "demonstrates how Old Testament personages and events were designed providentially to point beyond themselves to fulfillment in Jesus Christ." The writer Peter Leithart suggests that Christ is "not just the fulfillment of the hopes of Israel, but the hopes of mankind....the meaning of the world is revealed in relation to Christ." The introduction discusses a modern novel. Click on I to go to a discussion of typology; click on II for the discussion of Hamlet using this approach.

The Shakespeare Essays of Professor Sir Walter Murdoch
    Four essays on Hamlet.

'Too Much in the (Black) Sun': Hamlet's First Soliloquy: A Kristevan View
    An essay applying the theories of the feminist critic Kristeva to Hamlet. This essay will appeal to readers who like abstract analysis and difficult prose.


John Keats

Keats' Reputation
    Brief comment and a reading of "When I have fears that I may cease to be."

Ode to a Nightingale
    Very brief analysis of a passage from the poem and a recording of a nightingale singing (nightingales do not occur naturally in this continent).

Romantic Chronology
    List of major events and writings, by year.

Henrik Ibsen

Alley Theatre: Current Production
   Brief analysis of the play, including an interview with the actress playing Hedda.

From Hedda Gabler to Votes for Women: Elizabeth Robin's Early Feminist Critique of Ibsen.
   The first section of this essay discusses Ibsen's play as feminist from the perspective of Elizabeth Robins, the actress who first played Hedda in England; the history of that production.

Henrik Ibsen Lecture Hall.
   A bulletin board discussing Ibsen's plays. Scroll down the list looking for postings on Hedda Gabler.

Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte.
   An excellent site. Discussion of themes, setting, symbolism, characterization, narration, genre, religion & philosophy, etc.

Jane Eyre and A Vindication of the Rights of Women.
   A comparison of the ideas of Bronte's novel and Mary Wollstonecraft's book. Students may find the discussion of Jane Eyre useful.

The Novels: Jane Eyre.
   A rich site. Scroll down to discussions of settings, superstition and spiritualism, sickness and health, love and passion, nature, and other topics. Also includes the e-text of the novel.

The Brontes and Phrenology.
   A brief discussion of the pseudoscience of phrenology and Bronte's use of phrenology (remember Jane's commenting on the bumps of intelligence and benevolence on Rochester's forehead? Those assessments derive from phrenology.)

Toni Morrison

Annotated The Bluest Eye.
   Brief commentary and plot summary.

Morrison, Toni Homepage.
   Biography. Interviews with Morrison, magazine articles, her speeches. Students' and teachers' comments on The Bluest Eye. Good photograph.

Teaching The Bluest Eye.
   Analysis of the novel.

The Bluest Eye.
   Critical essays and articles. Links to other sites.

Toni Morrison Essays Anthology.
   Essays on several of Morrison's novels.

Wired for Books: Community Reconsidered.
   Radio discussion by 3 literature professors.


Amy Tan

Amy Tan.
   Suggestions for teaching The Joy Luck Club.

Annina's Amy Tan Page.
   Interviews with Amy Tan, biography,

The Joy Luck Club.
   Student paper on Tan's use of Taoism and Confucianism.

The Joy Luck Club Home Page by Ana, Lin, Christ, and Laura.
   Book reviews, structural analysis, bibliography, related sites, and biography.

The Joy Luck Lady.
   Feature story from The Detroit News.

Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color: Amy Tan.
   Biography, selected bibliography, related links.

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