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Research Websites
    A&E's biography home page. Brief biographies.
    A rich site covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including the 18th century, books, cultural history, drama, feminism, fiction, film and television, gender and sexuality, history, journals, languages, libraries, music, philosophy, poetry, race, reference materials, and software (freeware and software) .

Literature Webliography
    An index of miscellaneous Websites. Categories include general guides, bibliographies, individual authors, library catalogs, dictionaries, discussions, periodicals, style guides, electronic texts, and individual authors.

Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research
    Comprehensive and indispensible site. Topics include general resources, anthropology, art, classical studies, cultural studies, history, legal studies, linguistics, literature (English and other), media studies, minority studies, music and dance, philosophy, photography, politics, postindustrial business theory, religion, science, technology and culture, and women's studies, gender studies, and queer theory. This site also includes university homepages, teaching resources, libraries and museums, journals, travel, and Websites for children.

Literature Websites

A Dictionary of Sensibility
    Key words and concepts, like virtue, understanding, and benevolence, are defined denotatively and connotatively with their eighteenth century meanings. The words and concepts are illustrated with passages from contemporary writings.

Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Main Page
    Comprehensive and indispensible site. Topics range from general resources, English and American literature of every period, and other literatures in English through genres, creative writing, theory, and cultural studies. Includes a search engine.

Literary Resources on the Net
    A comprehensive site, ranging from classical and Biblical literature through twentieth century literature, theatre and drama, literary theory, women's literature and feminism, ethnicities and nationalities, and other national literatures. Has a search engine. A good starting place for your Web inquiries into literature.

Literary Cafes (Online Discussion)

The Great Books of Western Civilization Cafe
    You can ask questions, make comments, or just read what others say about great books. This site can also be approached by The Great Books Cafe; the sites are identical.

Old/New Calendar

The Calendar and Old Style (OS)
    Explanation of the change from the Julian (Old Style) calendar to the Gregorian (New Style) calendar in 1752 in England and America (earlier on the continent).

The Julian and Gregorian Calendars
      Discussion of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and calendar reform, astronomical year numbering, and the tropical year.

Reference Works Online

A Dictionary of Symbolism.
    Alphabetical list of symbols with brief explanation.

A Researcher's Introduction to the Web
    A handbook for using the Web to do research and write research papers.

    Dictionaries for more than 260 languages, including Vulcan. Search dictionary and thesaurus for English words. Its grammars range from Akkadian to Wolof (these are languages, not misspellings).

Bartlett's Quotations
    1901 edition.

The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
    The revised edition of 1894. Alphabetical list of words and phrases. And a search engine.

Writing Resources

Online Writing Lab at Purude University (OWL)
    Links for Web resources and online handouts and guides. An excellent resource, according to students.

Online Libraries and Links to Online Libraries

    Search for and purchase articles.

Hollis Library at Harvard University
    Links to many valuable sources.

The Internet Public Library
    Links to magazines and serials, newspapers, online texts, and reference materials about teens and youth. Web search engine.

Library of Congress

    Lists libraries on the Web.

New York Public Library
    Catalogs, exhibitions and programs, resource guides, search the Internet.


New Jour: Electronic Journals and Newsletters
    Alphabetical listing of journals and newsletters online. Keyword search.

Project Bartleby
    Alphabetical list of hypertext books. A search engine.

Project Gutenberg
    On-line hypertext poems, novels, etc.

Newspapers and Magazines

Chronicle of Higher Education

Mother Jones Magazine
    The motto of this magazine is "Daily news for the skeptical citizen."

The London Times

InfiNet News Partners
    Newspapers across the country, listed by state.

The New York Times

Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges
    Alphabetical listing of colleges and universities in the U.S., with information about admission, programs, etc.

Universities and colleges worldwide
    Alphabetical listing, from Albania to Zambia, with information about admissions, programs, etc.

Government Resources

New York City and New York State:

New York City

Tenant Net: The Online Resource for Residential Tenants
    Not strictly speaking a government group but useful nonetheless. An advocacy group, with information about tenants' rights, laws, in New York City and New York State.

NYS Division of Housing and Urban Renewal
    This agency administers rent rules.


Project Vote Smart--A Voter's Self-Defense System
    Tracks the performace of over 13,000 political leaders: President, Congressmen/women, governors, and state legislators.

Department of Education

Environmental Protection Agency

National Endowment for the Humanities

LSU Libraries Federal Agencies Directory
    Lists Federal agencies on the Web. Keyword search.

U.S. Bureau of the Census

Health and Medical Information

CDC Travel Information.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention present reference material, disease outbreaks and other information travelers should know. Organized by topic and by geography.

    Information on AIDS, cancer, alternative medicine, food safety, medicare, health media online, prevention and self-care, choosing quality care, self-help groups, online health information, fraud and complaints, and much more. Search engine. Site of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mayo Clinic.

National Library of Medicine.
    Contains Medline, references and abstracts from 4,300 biomedical journals; Medlineplus, answers to your health questions; directory of health organizations; catalog of books, journals, and audiovisuals in the NLM collections.

Leisure Activities: Recommended by Students
(to be added from student recommendations)

Make a child
      The Make a Child Smile features critically and terminally ill children who are in hospital and asks visitors to the site to send the children cards.

The Underdogs
    A Website with 2,600 computer games which are no longer sold. Free download.

Outdoor Club
      Resources and links for camping, climbing, hiking, climbing, mounting biking, and paddling.


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