Tanya Pollard
Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, Tpollard@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Tanya Pollard researches and writes about Shakespeare and early modern drama. Her most recent books are Reader in Tragedy: An Anthology of Classical Criticism to Contemporary Theory, co-edited with Marcus Nevitt (Bloomsbury, 2019), and Greek Tragic Women on Shakespearean Stages (Oxford, 2017), which won the 2017 Roland H. Bainton Literature Book Prize. Other books include Shakespeare's Theater: A Sourcebook (Blackwell, 2003), Drugs and Theater in Early Modern England (Oxford, 2005), and three co-edited collections: Milton, Drama, and Greek Texts, co-edited with Tania Demetriou (Routledge, 2017, previously special issue of The Seventeenth Century Journal 31:2, 2016); Homer and Greek Tragedy in Early Modern England’s Theatres, co-edited with Tania Demetriou (special issue of Classical Receptions Journal 9:1, 2017); and Shakespearean Sensations: Experiencing Literature in Early Modern England, co-edited with Katharine Craik (Cambridge, 2013). She is currently editing Ben Jonson's The Alchemist for Arden Early Modern Drama, and writing on Shakespeare's actors. Research and teaching interests include Shakespeare, early modern drama, Greek drama, classical reception, performance, genre theory, sexuality, gender, history of medicine, science, bodies, and emotions.

Professor Pollard serves on the Council of Scholars for Theatre for a New Audience, and has appeared in conversation with Ethan Hawke in Shakespeare Uncovered: Macbeth (PBS, 2013) and Christopher Plummer in Shakespeare Uncovered: King Lear (PBS, 2015); she was Shakespeare consultant on Kiss Me Kate (Roundabout, 2019) starring Kelli O'Hara, and regularly speaks to theater audiences in conversation with actors, directors, and other scholars. Public events include What's Hecuba to Him?: Greek Tragic Women on Shakespeare's Stage (Public Theater 2019, with Phylicia Rashad); Eyeless Rage: Anger in King Lear (Public Theater 2018, with James Earl Jones, Sam Waterston, F. Murray Abraham, and Michael Sexton; and Shakespeare vs. Mozart (New York Public Library 2016, with Adam Gopnik, Michael Sexton, Michael Beckerman, Brad Balliett, and Doug Balliett). For more information on public appearances, see https://www.broadwayworld.com/people/bio/Tanya-Pollard/ For more information on publications, see https://brooklyn-cuny.academia.edu/TanyaPollard and here.

Teaching, Fall 2019

Shakespeare (Brooklyn College MA)

Actors, Bodies, and Performances in Early Modern England (Graduate Center)

With Christopher Plummer, in Shakespeare Uncovered

With Michael Sexton, James Earl Jones, Sam Waterston, and F. Murray Abraham in "Eyeless Rage: Anger in King Lear" at the Public Theater

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