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A field trip to the American Museum of Natural History is a required part of the lab work for the Dinosaur Core sections. The purpose of the trip is to study specimens in the Museum's dinosaur collection, and to use information obtained during your Museum visit in your lab research project on dinosaur locomotion. The trip also serves to satisfy the requirement of the Geology Department that all Core 8.2 students must attend a field trip as part of their lab experience in the course.

The time, date, and meeting place for the field trip for your section of the Dinosaur Core is posted below. Your lab instructor will be present for the field trip only at the time and date indicated below.

Field Trip Date: Sunday, April 1, 2001

Meeting Time: 11 AM

Meeting Place: Museum Rotunda just inside the main doors facing Central      Park West. We will assemble at the Barosaur display at the center of      the Rotunda.

If you are unable to attend the trip at its scheduled time, you will have to do it on your own at another time, or attend the field trip of another Dinosaur Core lab. If you do the trip own your own, you must submit your receipt for the Museum entrance fee to your lab instructor as evidence of your presence in the Museum. No other form of trip documentation will be accepted. If you attend the field trip of another Dinosaur Core lab section you must first obtain permission of the lab instructor whose trip you want to attend, and you must present to your own lab instructor an attendance sheet signed by the field trip instructor indicating that you were present for the field trip. Attending the field trip of a regular Core 8.2 section (i.e. a non-Dinosaur Core section) is not acceptable as a replacement for the Museum trip.

Remote Measurement
Pace/Stride Length

Keep in mind that the Geology Department has made a field trip a requirement to pass Core 8.2. Students not doing a field trip will receive an "Inc" as a grade for the course. Following College policy, an "Inc" grade will convert to an "F" after one semester, unless the missing work is made up by the student. This means you will have to do the field trip in the Spring 2001 semester if you want to get a grade for the course other than "F".

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Further information and a Field Trip Guide that you will need to take with you to the Museum can be found by clicking on the entries in the pink and tan boxes at left.