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The Dinosaur Core is a unique section of the College's Core 8.2 course. It is the only Core section that focuses on dinosaurs. Although the first part of the course deals with basic geologic concepts, and thus treats subjects encountered in Core 8.2 sections offered by other members of the Geology Department, the primary aim of the Dinosaur Core is to examine the lives and times of dinosaurs. Emphasis is on dinosaur anatomy, ecology, evolution, and extinction.

Topics dealt with during the term include:
      1. Types of dinosaurs
      2. Dinosaur lifestyles
      3. Dinosaur behavior; social interactions; & parental care
      4. Dinosaur intelligence
      5. Cancer, arthritis and dinosaur disease
      6. Posture and metabolism: why dinosaurs were so successful
      7. Dinosaurs shaped human evolution: why humans are mammal versions of dinosaurs
      8. Asteroids, tsunamis, global winter: why dinosaurs disappeared
      9. Human origins: what would have happened if the dinosaurs did not go extinct
     10. Modern dinosaurs: some are still here

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