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1.  ALLOSAURUS:  Allosaurus is the carnivorous dinosaur depicted as attacking the two barosaur specimens in the diorama in the Rotunda center island. Fossils of Allosaurus are widely distributed in rocks of Jurassic age, particularly in the Morrison Formation of Colorado and Utah. Examine the skeleton of Allosaurus. Locate the animal's right hip; knee; and ankle. In the space below, draw a simple sketch of the bones of the right leg from hip to toes. Label hip, knee, and ankle on the sketch.

2.  SKELETON OF ALLOSAURUS: Using the sketches above, compare the structure of the leg and foot of human, allosaur, and cat. Are the number, position, and general shape of bones between hip and knee, and between knee and ankle similar or different in these three animals? In the space below, briefly discuss your observations.