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Over the millenia, many people have made important contributions to our current understanding of dinosaurs. The list below contains capsule descriptions of some major advances and short accounts of how they were made and of those who made them.

Click on the name to see what each did to improve knowledge of dinosaurs or to bring them to the attention of the general public.

I. THE FORMATIVE PERIOD (750 BC - 1800 AD): The concepts of "fossil"; "extinction"; and "deep time" are worked out.
Conrad Gesner
Niels Stensen
James Hutton
Georges Cuvier

II. THE PRE-CLASSICAL ERA (1680-1842): Giant bones are found, but their significance is not fully appreciated.
Robert Plot
Blackfeet Nation
William Clark
William Buckland
Gideon Mantell
Edward Hitchcock

III. THE CLASSICAL AGE (1842-1870): Dinosaurs are recognized as a unique group of reptiles
Richard Owen
B.W. Hawkins
Joseph Leidy

IV. THE GOLDEN AGE (1870 - 1899): Dinosaurs are discovered in numbers never equaled since.
Othniel Charles Marsh
Edward Drinker Cope

V. THE BAROQUE ERA (1899-1966):


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