Brooklyn College
City University of New York

Prof. J.A. Chamberlain, Jr.
Department of Geology
Brooklyn College
Brooklyn, NY 11210


Water flow, ecology, and functional morphology of branched reef corals Geological Society of America, Penrose Research Grant $900
1975-1978Skeletal strength of branched scleractinian reef corals Petroleum Research Fund, American Chemical Society$16,000
1976-1977Fluid mechanics and functional morphology of fossil ectocochliate cephalopodsPSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$7,914
1978-1979Hydraulic adaptation of fossil animalsPSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$8,856
1980-1981Locomotion in Nautilus: a key to the biology and evolution of fossil cephalopodsPSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$7,000
1980-1981.Science Faculty Development AwardNSF$21,690
1980-1981Visiting Scientist ProgramField Museum of Natural History $3,000
1981-1983Locomotion in Nautilus: a key to the biology and evolution of fossil cephalopodsNSF$52,800
1981-1982Flow properties and strength of Nautilus siphuncular tube PSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$8,045
1982-1983Morphometric analysis of branching structure in corals PSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$9,236
1983-1984Skeletal strength of scleractinian reef coralsPSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$8,290
1984-1985Gas diffusion across the siphuncle of Nautilus PSC-BHE Award Program of CUNY$7,000
1987-1988Theoretical morphology of fossil cephalopodsPSC-CUNY Research Award$6,286
1987-1988Live recovery of deep water animals: BermudaNOAA-NURP $35,000
1989-1990Theoretical morphology of fossil cephalopodsNSF $25,000
1989-1990Deep ocean live retrieval: a key to deep sea marine biology PSC-CUNY Research Award$8,271
1991-1992Hydromechanical constraints on the ontogeny and evolution of scaphitid ammonitesPSC-CUNY Research Award$3,794
1991-1993Hydromechanical constraints on the ontogeny and evolution of scaphitid ammonitesNSF$85,000
1992-1993Hydromechanical constraints on the ontogeny and evolution of scaphitid ammonites: field workPSC-CUNY Research Award $2,765
1992-1993Science workforce initiative for technology at Brooklyn College CUNY-Chancellor's Award$120,000
1992-1993Tithe initiative for support of new faculty in Geology at Brooklyn CollegeCUNY-Tithe Grant$28,400
1993-1994Hydrodynamic properties of cephalopod shells: the effect of shell orientationPSC-CUNY Research Award$3,794
1993-1994Graduate Research Initiative in Geology at Brooklyn College NYS Dormitory Authority$75,000
1994-1995Shell morphology, ontogeny, and facies associations of upper Cretaceous scaphitid and baculitid ammonites from the Western Interior of the United States PSC-CUNY Research Award$6,855
1995-1996Fossiliferous concretion-bearing horizons in the upper Pierre Shale (Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous) in Wyoming and South DakotaPSC-CUNY Research Award$6,250
1996-1997Use of ammonite and foraminifera biostratigraphy to define the significance of an unconformity in the Campanian/Maastrichtian (upper Cretaceous) boundary sequence within the Pierre Shale Formation, South DakotaPSC-CUNY Research Award $4,896
1996-1998Renovation of research facilities in Geology/Biology, Brooklyn CollegeNSF-ARI$188,885
1996-1999New Frontier Collaborative for Secondary Mathematics and Science TeachingDDE Title II-NYS$143,300
1997-1998Paleontology and stratigraphy of the late Cretaceous "Yellow Mounds" beds, Badlands National Park, South Dakota: integration of field work, geographic information systems and remote sensing dataPSC-CUNY Research Award$4,500
1997-1999Laboratory based research in environmental geology GRTI-3, NYS$35,000
1998-1999Strontium Geochronology and isotope geochemistry of belemnites from Maastricthtian (late Cretaceous) sediments of the US Western InteriorPSC-CUNY Research Award$4,255
1999-2000A pyritic microfauna from the Tully Limestone (Givetian) of central PennsylvaniaPSC-CUNY Research Award$4,126
1999-2003.......DDE Title II-NYS $344,000