Brooklyn College
City University of New York
LAB #4 Assignment 2

LAB #4 ASSIGNMENT PART 2 - PACE LENGTH AND HEIGHT: When eveyone's data have been emailed to me (ie. by March 16), I will email each of you a pace length/height data set for the entire class. Plot these data on a simple (X,Y) graph. Use squares to represent data for males, and dots to represent data for females.

Use your plot to answer the following questions:

1. Do data for males and females plot separately? If so, how do you explain the difference?

2. Is there a relationship between height and pace length? If so, what is it, and how do you explain it?

3. Do males and females show any difference in this relationship (if there is one)?

To bring up a graph that you can print out and use to plot your data, click on the button labelled "Graph" below.

To get credit for this part of the exercise, a hardcopy of your plot of the data and answers to the above questions must be handed in to me no later than the conclusion of the lecture on March 22.