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LAB #4 Assignment 3

LAB #4 ASSIGNMENT PART 3 - REMOTE MEASUREMENT: Much of the work you will do in the Museum will involve measuring different body dimensions of the Museum's tyrannosaur specimen. This is complicated by the fact that the tyrannosaur is mounted inside a protective island to which you will not have access. Thus, you will not be able to lay a meter stick or measuring tape against the specimen to do your measuring directly. Instead, you will have to make your measurements remotely, that is, from some distance outside the island. It is thus necessary to establish a means to do this. Methods are described in the "Remote Measurement" pages of this lab site (click on button below).

There is no assignment per se for this part of lab #4. To get credit for this exercise, you must email by 3 PM March 30, telling me which remote measurement technique you will use, and whether you have any questions about it.