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Remember that whenever you refer diectly to the work of other individuals, or to their ideas or point of view, you must cite the source in which such work, ideas, or point of view was published. This is done by giving the author, and year of publication of the source article in the text, enclosed by parentheses. The full citation for the publication is given in the Bibliography of the report. To illustrate how this is done, two sample sentences citing the work of others, and based on the articles cited on the Bibliography page are given below:

"Friedman & Chamberlain (1995) argue that the middle Devonian pelecypod, Archanodon catskillensis, opportunistically exploited nutrient-rich riverine environments associated with the first terrestrial forests in North America."

Nautilus, the only modern shell-bearing cephalopod, generates propulsive power by means of periodic contractions of its paired cephalic retractor muscles (Chamberlain, 1987).

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