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This webpage will direct you to each of the lab assignments you will need to complete during the semester. These lab assignments will be posted periodically during the semester by your lab instructor. It is expected that you will complete each new lab assignment within the time frame specified in the lag assignment webpage, and that you will communicate your results to your lab instructor and/or classmates as directed.
Remote Measurement
Pace/Stride Length

Some lab work will be done in class during the regular lab class time, but most lab work will be done remotely via this website. Work done via the internet will replace regular lab classes on a one to one basis, i.e., one week-long internet exercise will replace one lab class meeting.

Lab Switchboard
Postings of new lab work can be obtained by clicking on "Lab Switchboard" in the green box at left. You should make a regular practice of checking this site several times a week to see what's new and to keep up with the work in the lab.