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Now that it is apparent that animals do make footprints which can identify them, and we understand the association between footprints and the features of the feet that made them, we need to examine and identify footprints made by dinosaurs. Distinguishing tyrannosaur footprints is particularly important. What needs to be done is to examine the feet of dinosaurs to determine the size and shape of footprints dinosaur feet would have made. We also need to examine details of the skeleton, and make some measurements of body dimensions that will prove critical later on.

These tasks are best accomplished using real dinosaur fossils. We thus will visit the American Museum of Natural History to examine some of the dinosaur specimens that are on display there. The trip is scheduled for Sunday, April 1, but there are several things you need to do beforehand to prepare for the work that you will do in the Museum, and also, there is work to be turned in after the field trip. These things are:

1.   complete the four assignments relating to the field trip. These may be found by clicking on the appropriate buttons below. Note the due dates for each assignment and plan accordingly.

2.   read over the field trip guide, and print out a hard copy of it to take along with you to the Museum. The field trip guide can be found by clicking on "Field Trip" in the yellow sidebar. This is essential; you must have a copy of the field trip guide with you when you come to the Museum.

3.    Brooklyn College requires all BC students attending a course-based field trip to sign a travel consent form. A signed form must therefore be turned in to the field trip instructor prior to the trip. The consent form can be found by clicking on "Consent Form" in the red sidebar. Print out a form, sign it (or have a parent or guardian sign it if you are less than 18 years old), and turn it in to your instructor.

Due: March 16
Due: March 22
Due: March 30
Due: April 5