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This lab exercise has one primary goal:

     1) learning how to navigate through the Virtual Dino Lab Website.

It is essential that you master this task because it deals with basic operations you will need to know in order to function properly in the Virtual Dino Lab Web environment.

To proceed click on the Navigation button below.

      When you have surfed the DinoCore website to see what it entails, I would like you to email me at "" a response to the questions below. The idea here is not to spend time researching the answers to these questions, but to consider each question in light of what you know right now about dinosaurs. Your responses must reach me by 5 PM, Thursday, Feb. 8, so that we can move on to other things.

Here are the questions:
1.   Are dinosaurs real or do you think they are something in some way invented by scientists, movie producers, scriptwriters etc.?
2.   Upon what sources of information is your current knowledge of dinosaurs based (books, movies, TV, internet)?
3.   Do you think these sources are authoritative?
4.   What kinds of animals were dinosaurs?
5.   When did they live?
6.   Did humans (e.g. our ancestors)and dinosaurs ever interact; did they ever run across each other in the course of their daily lives?
7.   Why aren't there any dinosaurs now?

       I will comment on your response to the above questions by return email, and probably ask you to revise your ideas in some way. If so, your response will be due by 5 PM, Monday, Feb. 12.