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You must prepare a list of references giving complete citations for all papers, books, etc., referred to in the text. You do not, however, include literature sources you may have read, but do not specifically cite in the text. The list is compiled alphabetically by last name of the author, or first author if more than one. For journal articles the format is: name; year of publication; complete title of article; title of journal; volume; pages. For books - name; year; title of book; publisher; city of publication; total number of pages in book. Examples are given below.

Paper:   FRIEDMAN, G.M., & CHAMBERLAIN, J.A., Jr. 1995. Archanodon catskillensis (Vanuxem), freshwater clams from one of the oldest back-swamp fluvial facies (Upper Middle Devonian), Catskill Mountains, NY. Northeast. Geol. 17: 431-443.

Chapter in Book:    CHAMBERLAIN, J.A., Jr. 1987. Locomotion in Nautilus. In Nautilus: the Biology and Paleobiology of a Living Fossil. N.H. Landman & W.B. Saunders, eds., Plenum Press, NY. pg. 489-525.

Book:   SCHMIDT-NIELSEN, K. 1986. Scaling: Why Is Animal Size So Important. Cambridge Univ. Press. NYC. 239 pgs.

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