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The completion of a research paper describing your research and its results is your primary responsibility in the lab part of this course. It is what your lab grade will be largely based on. You should give careful consideration to the preparation of the paper, and make it as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. It is more than the simple lab reports that you may have done in other science Core courses. The paper should be based on your own personal observations, and the data you collected during the course of the semester. It should, however, also make reference to the work of others where appropriate, and otherwise give ample evidence of your familiarity with the subject of dinosaur locomotion. Papers must be written in clear, concise English. Style counts so make every effort to insure that you use proper English vocabulary and phraseology.

Who Turns in a Research Paper: Everyone. All students registered in this lab section are expected to complete a research paper. If you worked in a group with other students during the semester, each member of the research team must turn in his/her own paper written individually from the common data base. Multi-authored papers are not acceptable.

Research Paper Contents:
   Title Page
   Results & Analysis

Other Items:
   Approach & Organization
   Citation Format
   Footnote Format
   Figures & Tables

When to Turn in the Research Paper: The research paper is turned in at any time, but can be submitted no later than the day of the final exam for the lecture part of the course.

What to Turn in: The paper must be prepared on a computer, using word processing software (e.g WordPerfect 7, MicrosoftWord) capable of integrating figures and text. The text should be double spaced and have a 12 point font. Hand written papers are not acceptable, and will receive a grade of "F". The paper must be submitted in hardcopy form. Make sure you keep a back-up copy of your paper.

Detailed information about the paper can be found by clicking on the entries in the orange box at the left.