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INFERRING SPEED FROM TRACKWAY FEATURES: Once you have plotted the human speed trial data, and fit a line to the data, finding the speed associated with any stride length becomes a simple matter of reading the graph. As indicated in the sketch below, the speed produced by a stride length of 2.5m can be obtained by reading up to the best fit line from stride length = 2.5m, and then scanning over to the speed axis to get the speed associated with this stride length, which is 4m/sec.

The speed of the hallway track maker can be found in the same way. You may need to extend your bestfit line to account for the long stride length of the corridor dilophosaur, but lengthening the line is easily done with a pencil and a straight-edge.

When you have completed this task, i.e. found the dilophosaur's speed, you are finished with the lab work, and can complete the research paper.