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POSTURE INDEX OF AN ERECT TETRAPOD: As we have seen, there is no shortage of modern tetrapods with erect posture - think of the thousands of bird species, for example. But as a matter of practicality, it might be better to look a little closer to home, and select humans as the test species of choice.

A value for human posture index can be readily obtained by each student measuring his/her posture index, and using the result to represent all erect tetrapods.

To find your posture index, stand in a normal upright standing position. With a metric ruler measure the distance between the midline of your left and right foot (shoes on is OK). Then measure foot length (heel-to-toe distance). You might want to stand on an opened newspaper because this allows you to mark the position of each foot with a magic marker. You can then pick up the newspaper and measure between the marks.

Record all your data and go on to finding dilophosaur posture index on page 5.