Perú Mexico



Location: Geographic coordinates: Area: Area - comparative:
Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean 10 00 S, 55 00 W total: 8,511,965 sq km slightly smaller than the US
Population: Languages: Capital: Currency:
182,032,604 Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French Brasilia real (BRL)

Machu Picchu


Types of rocks: Granite (igneous rock).

Sugar Loaf - In Rio de Janeiro state: the city, proper, and the Serra dos Orgos (Orgos Range). The city is full of granite domes (including the famous Po de Acar - Sugar Loaf), all of them with plenty of routes - more than 1000. Serra dos Orgos is a wonderfull wild range, nice for hiking, trekking and climbing, and its only 100 km from Rio. Serra dos Orgos is a National Park where Pedra do Sino, Garrafo and Dedo de Deus mountains are located.

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