Numerical Equivalents of Cohesion Strength

Numerical equivalents may be assigned to cohesion strength:

  • high cohesion:
    (H) = 7.00
  • intermediate cohesion:
    (I) = 3.00
  • low cohesion:
    (L) = 0.00
  • Note that these values are expressed to TWO decimal places.

To determine Cohesion Values for the NYC rocks and sediments, follow these steps (see example):

  1. Print out a copy of the 'Cohesion Value Calculation Table', (printout # Q-5).
  2. For each rock or sediment, indicate its particle relationship and cohesion strength by a check mark. (Obtain this information from your Cohesion Strength Answer Form (printout # Q-8.)
  3. Enter the numerical equivalent of the cohesion strength (see list above).
  4. Enter the Cohesion Value (which is numerically equal to the cohesion strength).
  5. Click on the grey bar marked 'Cohesion Value Checking Table' to see if your Cohesion Values are correct.
  6. Record all eight Cohesion Values in column (c) of the Erosion-Resistance Index Calculation Table (printout #Q-6).
Printout # Q-5

David J. Leveson