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  1. On the Hypothesis Evaluation and Comparison Table, click on a radio button in the NYC Landforms List. A brief description of the landform, its location, and a proposed hypothesis of origin will appear in the left central box.
  2. Roll over the buttons in the Evaluation-Justification list. Evaluations of the hypothesis together with justifications of the evaluations will appear in the right central box.
  3. Decide which evaluation- justification pair(s) best apply to the hypothesis. (There may be more than one correct choice.) For any choice, make sure that BOTH the evaluation AND the justification apply. Note that a justification may be wrong because it is irrelevant, factually incorrect, or logically inconsistent with the evaluation.
  1. In the middle column of the worksheet printout (H-6), record the letters (one or more) from the Evaluation-Justification list that best apply to the hypothesis.
  2. In the right-hand column of the worksheet, record the hypothesis evaluation. Use these abbreviations: L = Likely; U = Unlikely; NE = No Evidence.
  3. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until you have matched up each landform origin hypothesis with the evaluation-justification pair(s) that best suits it.
  4. Click on the grey button and go to the Answer Checking Table and make sure your answers are correct.

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