As part of your study of maps, you described the large-scale landforms that characterize major parts of the NYC region. In this exercise, you will investigate the origin of these landforms together with the origin of some important smaller-scale landforms.
~ IMAGES OF LANDFORMS ~ Click on the buttons to see details of the landforms.
Large-Scale Landforms
The NYC region.
The shores of the Hudson.
Northern Brooklyn and Queens.
Southern Brooklyn and Queens.

Small-Scale Landforms
Large, isolated boulders are scattered across the landscape of all areas of the NY City region except the flat plain of southern Brooklyn and Queens. They may occur on hilltops, hillsides and valley floors. The bedrock from which they have been broken off lies many miles or tens of miles to the north or northwest.

The surface of the bedrock exposed in Manhattan, the Bronx, and adjacent New Jersey is characterized by numerous parallel scratches and grooves.

David J. Leveson