Lou: Hey, there's a boulder on my lawn!!!
Lulu: How did the boulder get onto your lawn, Lou?! It wasn't there yesterday!

Lou: Maybe it fell out of the sky!
Lulu: You mean it's a meteorite??! How could we tell?

Lou: Well, the boulder, coming in at great speed, would have dug a crater when it landed!
Lulu: That should be easy to see, Lou! Let's go take a look!!

Lou: Gosh, Lulu! I guess it couldn't have been a meteorite! There's no crater!
Lulu: You're right! I guess you're going to have to come up with another idea!

Lou: I got it! A new hypothesis! My neighbor (the so-and-so) put it there, during one of his drunken brawls (parties)!
Lulu: Crazy, Lou! Let's see... To convince me, you'd need to find a bulldozer on his property, garbage cans overflowing with beer bottles, and bulldozer tracks leading from his place to your lawn!!

Lou: Hmmnn! No bulldozer...
Lulu: Doesn't look like you're right, Lou! Shouldn't be so quick to accuse people!!

Lou: But lots of beer bottles and cans in the garbage, Lulu! Looks like their taste runs to Becks and Miller!
Lulu: So they had a party! Doesn't prove a thing! Although, knowing your neighbor, it does make me a bit suspicious!

Lou: And there are no bulldozer tracks! But look at those strange marks going across the road and up the hill!! That gives me a new idea - and it still includes my neighbor!
Lulu: What now Lou? It better be better than the last one!

Lou: Simple, Lulu! While under the influence (soused), my neighbor and his pals climbed the hill, dug out the boulder, and rolled it down onto my lawn!!
Lulu: Hard evidence, Lou, that's what you need! The only thing that'd convince me would be to find a hole on the hillside surrounded by beer bottles! And even that wouldn't prove it was them!

Lou: There's the hole, Lulu! And surrounded by beer bottles! And look at the brands! Becks and Miller! How's that for proof?!?!
Lulu: OK, I'm convinced! But of course it's not proven! Someone else could have been drinking Becks and Miller and thought they'd engage in a little creative boulder-rolling!

Lou: Proof? Who's talking about proof? But they did it, didn't they!!
Lulu: I agree, Lou! Proof is not the point! Highly unlikely it was a meteorite... Not convincing that a bulldozer was involved... Highly likely that in an enlightened state your neighbor shoved it down the hill! You see! Rational people can agree!

Lou: Yeh, but how am I going to get it off my lawn!!
Lulu: Not my problem, Lou, not my problem!!

David J. Leveson