1. The goals of this lab module are threefold:
    • To acquaint you with the natural environment in which you live
    • To give you insight into how geologists solve problems
    • To get you to think about the nature of science.

  2. A checklist is provided to help guide you in your work. Click on the pink button below marked 'P' and print out the "Origin of Landforms Checklist" (printout # IN-2). All the major tasks you need to perform are listed on the Checklist. Check them off as you complete them.

  3. On the checklist, note the background skills and knowledge you are supposed to have mastered earlier in the term in the Minerals and Maps modules.

  4. Links to all the worksheets and submission forms are also provided in the 'The Print and Form Shop'. You may want to print out all the worksheets at the start of your work.

  5. Quick links to important resources, such as rollovers, tables, charts or diagrams are provided in the 'Quick Links to Resources Table.' Click on the button on the Landforms Home Page Menu.

  6. Many opportunities are provided for you to check your work in the form of interactive answer-checking devices. Make use of them!

  7. Important questions for you to think about (some of which may be similar to questions on exams and whose answers will help you do your assignments correctly) are indicated by this symbol:
    Write your answers in the text boxes and copy the answers and questions into your Journal.

David J. Leveson