My 'trust-position' plot doesn't exactly match any of the case numbers. What should I do? As it stands, your plot may not exactly match any of the ten 'case' plots, but a slight rotation and/or a vertical and/or a horizontal shift will make it closely resemble one of them. For the assignment that you submit, base your answers on the plot that most resembles yours.

In your journal, note how your plot differs importantly from the 'trust-position plot' that most closely resembles it. Also, in your journal, write a modified interpretation to more accurately reflect your actual plot.

I am working with another student. We have different opinions about some of the organizations. How can we determine who's right? In this assignment, there are no 'rights' and 'wrongs' with repect to opinions about the organizations. What is important is that each person be consistent in his/her answers, and that opinions can be supported by reference to reliability criteria and to what is stated on the organization websites

If you work with someone else, I suggest you each stick to your own opinions, but have the other person look at your conclusions to see if they are internally consistent and justifiable.

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