This list of 'keywords' is intended to help you study for exams. Please note, however, that most of the questions on exams in this course are designed to test your understanding of and ability to apply concepts, not your ability to define words. However, being familiar with the meanings of these terms will help you understand the language used in exam questions. Also, a review of these terms may serve as a mental checklist of topics covered.


landforms, differential erosion, erosional remnant, differential deposition, deformation, horizontal compression, folding, up-arched, down-arched, 'origin' of a landform, scientific method, hypothesis, hypothesis testing, flawed argument, esthetic, objective, rock thin section, cohesion, inert, layering, sorting, glacial ice, meltwater, landslide, flood, glacier, glacial front, tsunami, stream channel, stream banks, floodplain, levee, agent of deposition, lithosphere, mantle, plate tectonics, converging plates, hypothesis vs. theory, the Glacial Theory, the Great Ice Age, glacial grooves, glacial striations (scratches), offshore island, peninsula

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