"I've seen those curvy patterns on globes, Lulu! But I'm not sure what they're for!"
"They're to help you locate places, Lou! Look at this map of part of San Francisco! Look at that dark, purple spaghetti! Those are the roads! Imagine trying to find someone's house in that neighborhood! Ya know what the trouble is? There's no GRID!"

"But the streets here in Cedar City look easy to navigate!

"That's because the roads form a GRID! It's organized! Everything's at right angles! The Avenues have "letter" names and run one way; the Streets have "number" names and run the other way. You can find any place if you know your alphabet and how to count! You can say, "My house is at the corner of 'B' and '4th'," or "It's on '3rd' half-way between 'C'and 'D'"!
"But what's all this to do with latitude and longitude?"

"Lines of latitude and longitude form an imaginary grid over the entire Earth's surface! They allow you to describe where anything is easily and accurately! To learn about latitude and longitude, go back to the 'Latitude and Longitude Menu' and check out the different items!"

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David J. Leveson