This list of 'keywords' is intended to help you study for exams. Please note, however, that most of the questions on exams in this course are designed to test your understanding of and ability to apply concepts, not your ability to define words. However, being familiar with the meanings of these terms will help you understand the language used in exam questions. Also, a review of these terms may serve as a mental checklist of topics covered.


topographic map, political map, scale, representative fraction/ratio, statement of equivalency, bar scale, bearing, earth's axis, north and south poles, zenith, north star, compass, azimuth, compass rose, contour map, (topographic) contour lines, contour interval, relief, height, elevation, mean sea level, the 'rule of V's', depression contour, hachures, steepness, gradient, ridge, asymmetric, concentric, bedrock, outcrop, sediment, bedrock geology, surficial geology, boulder, block diagram, formation, contact, geologic map, observed and inferred contacts

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