• PART 1:
    1. You must state which 'case number' you have chosen (which you choose is a matter of your judgment)
    2. You must state the 'interpretation' letter that correctly matches the 'case number' you have chosen (note: an answer check is provided!!)
    3. You must accurately quote the 'interpretation'

    Because Part 1 must be filled in completely and accurately for Part 2 to be graded, if Part 1 is omitted or filled in inaccurately, 6 points will be subtracted and Part 2 will not be graded.

  • PART 2: Your answers will be graded according to their consistency. (Hint: see 'consistency' and 'example' sections of the 'Conclusions Procedure').
    Lack of consistency within each 'row' = subtract 1 point each occurrence.
    Lack of consistency within a column = subtract 1 point each occurrence.
© 2004, David J. Leveson