See if you can work out the vertical exaggeration for this profile.

Vertical Exaggeration = the value of one unit of measurement (such as an inch) on the Horizontal (Map ) Scale divided by the value of the same unit of measurement on the Vertical (Grid) Scale. For our example, let's express both scales in terms of how many feet on the ground one inch represents.

The horizontal (map) scale is expressed as a representative fraction, 1:12,000. So how many feet does one inch represent? Place your answer in the box below. (To review 'Distance' and working with representative fractions or ratios, click on the link.)

The value of one inch on the vertical (grid) scale can be read directly off the diagram. Place your answer in the box below.

Then, divide your first answer by your second answer to get the vertical exaggeration.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in each box with a number (don't use any commas) and click the button to the right to see if your answer is correct.

1. The horizontal scale is one inch on the map= :- feet on the ground.     Correct?:-

2. The vertical scale is one inch on the grid = :- feet on the ground.     Correct?:-

3. The vertical exaggeration is:- times.     Correct?:-

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