General Instructions: When completed, the table shown below will provide a basis for comparison of conclusions about storm surge hazard for NYC reached by two major organizations. In the left column of the table are conclusions reached by the NASA-Goddard Institute (taken from the article you read entitled "Rising Seas: A View From New York City"). In the right column, when you fill in the spaces, will be found conclusions based upon information provided by the Army Corps of Engineers for Lower Manhattan Site 3.

What you need to do:

  1. Print out these instructions.
  2. Print out the Storm Surge Comparison Table Worksheet D-3B.
  3. Click on the grey button and go to the 'Storm Surge Flooding in NYC' web page.
  4. On the NYC map, click on red-bordered box labeled Lower Manhattan.
  5. On the map of Lower Manhattan, click on Data Point 3.
  6. Examine the 'Lower Manhattan Site 3' graph and the contour map of Lower Manhattan.
  7. Use the information you find to fill in the seven blank spaces in the Storm Surge Comparison Table Worksheet D-3B marked with an asterisk (*).
  8. For help, click on the four button links provided in the Storm Surge Comparison Table shown below.
  9. Check your answers using the Answer Check:

David J. Leveson