"Hey, Look, Lulu!! Here's another problem! The caption to the illustration in the article says: 'The same location as it is predicted it will be in 2020 if global warming continues at the same rate.' But in the text of the article it says the rise in sea level is supposed to take place 'over the next century'!! That means by about the year 2100!!" "Hmmmnn...So when is this flooding supposed to take place?! In 2020 or 2100?! It's not clear to me, Lou!!"
"And look, Lulu!! Here's what looks like another contradiction! Look at this part of the article! It describes the flooding of New York! It makes it sound like a permanent state of affairs!""...the New York Public Interest Research Group released maps of what the city would look like if the theory of global warming is true and continues unabated....These projections show that New York would be inundated with water."
"But later on in the article it suggests that the flooding would be 'regular'! That is, occasional, not permanent!!""...unless something is done, NYPIRG says, biblical-style floods will become a regular occurrence in New York's low-lying coastal areas."
"You're right, Lou!! It's certainly not clear!! Let's see if we can find out what's going on!
  • Is New York going to be drowned?
  • To what depth?
  • Permanently or occasionally?
Important questions, Lou!!"

David J. Leveson & Wayne G. Powell