"I wish we could stop global warming so sea level wouldn't rise!"
"NYPIRG suggests we can!! According to the New York Post article, NYPIRG's Gina Kim says 'Clinton and Gore have spoken a lot about global warming but they haven't done enough...'"
"Well, Clinton and Gore are past history! But wasn't there something in the New York Post article about an international summit on global warming in Kyoto, Japan?!"
"Yeh! The Kyoto Protocol!"
"What's that all about?! And what's a 'protocol'?!"
"A protocol, Lou, is a first draft of a proposed agreement!! The agreement in question is about finding a way to reduce the production of 'greenhouse gases' so as to slow down or stop global warming! The United States hasn't signed on yet!"
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"What are greenhouse gases!? And why hasn't the U.S. signed on?! Isn't an agreement to stop doing things that will cause global warming and sea level rise a good thing!? Doesn't NYPIRG say we should sign on?!"
"Maybe everyone doesn't agree as to what's really going on with respect to the climate! Maybe they don't agree that what the Kyoto Protocol suggests will work! Or that it will be worth the cost! Let's find out!!"