Instructions for the "Graph Manipulation" Exercise

Familiarize yourself with how varying the 4 characteristics of the graph (x-axis, y-axis, scale and shift) affects the appearance of the graph.

To change the settings of each of the 4 characteristics click on the corresponding buttons to the right of the graph.

Increases the setting.

(e.g., will shift the graph up, make the x-axis longer, etc)

Decreases the setting.

(e.g., will shift the graph down, make the x-axis shorter, etc)

Your current settings for each of the characteristics will be displayed to the right of the graph

Answer Question 1 (located below the graph) by adjusting the characteristics of the graph until you believe that "graph conveys a completely unbiased view of the data".

Click on to have the computer check your answer

If incorrect, take the hint given by the computer and attempt to determine the correct configuration of settings for the given question.

Repeat until the correct answer is determined.

Select the next question by clicking on the question number buttons (e.g. ).  

Answer the question in the same manner as for Question 1.

Complete all 4 questions.

When finished print the page to record your final results.