Description of Investigation 2B:                   

Determining the Composition of Building Materials

The objective of this exercise is to become familiar with common building materials in terms of the materials of which they are composed

By the end of the investigation you should be able to:


Improve your ability to determine the identity of an unknown material based on its optical properties


To visually estimate the percentage of various materials present within a building material



1. DO NOT attempt this assignment until Assignment 2A has been completed, AND you have obtained the corrected property sheets for the 10 common components introduced in Assignment 2A.
2. Print THREE copies of the "Petrographic Report Form".

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Document the composition of THREE building materials from Central Brooklyn High School. Your documentation must include a list of materials present and their abundance expressed as a percentage of the total. Tabulate your results on the "Petrographic Report Forms" that you printed.

The three building materials that you must analyze depend upon your SSN and are specified below:


If your SSN ends in 0 or 1 

WING #1: Fireproofing FP1,

Ceiling Tile CT1, Floor Tile FT1

If your SSN ends in 2 or 3 

WING #1:  Fireproofing FP2, 

Ceiling Tile CT1, Floor Tile FT2

If your SSN ends in 4 or 5 

WING #1: Fireproofing FP3,

Ceiling Tile CT3, Floor Tile FT3

If your SSN ends in 6 or 7 

WING #2: Insulation INS1

Ceiling Tile CT4, Floor Tile FT4

If your SSN ends in 8 or 9 

WING #2: Insulation INS2

Ceiling Tile CT5, Floor Tile FT5


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