Undergraduate Courses

Health Counseling HNS 37

Drugs and Society HNS 39

Community Health Service HNS 58.1

Community Health Service HNS 58.2

Graduate Courses

Problems with Drugs in Comtemporary Society HNS 769

Alcohol and Health HNS 769.2

Master's Paper HNS 797.1

Research Seminar HNS 791.3

Using PowerPoint

Developing Presentations

Formatting Graduate Presentations

Formatting Undergraduate Presentations

Preparing Your Paper

Developing the Paper

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Establishing an Account

Create Your Account

Professional Info

Biographical Sketch

Personal Statement

Computer Assisted Instruction

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Hepatitis C Virus

Prostate Cancer Facts (with Pastor Demetrius Carolina)

Prostate Cancer Facts (with Pastor James E. Wilson, Jr.)

Prostate Cancer Facts (with Pastor Booker T. Spears, Jr.)



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