What is the Web Portfolio?

bullet A showcase for a student's participation throughout the semester
bullet A collection of a student's best thinking and writing on a variety of topics
bullet A chance to revise essays and selected Caucus postings
bullet The portfolio is optional, an extra credit activity.

What goes into the Portfolio?

bullet Selected Caucus contributions
bullet Revisions of essays 
bullet Any special projects you may have done for the course

How does the student compile a Portfolio?

bullet Choose Caucus postings and other writing that represent your best thinking on course issues
bullet Edit them to illustrate your writing skills
bullet Organize them in a meaningful way
bullet Post the portfolio in the Caucus Portfolio item.
bullet Instructions: After midterm, start compiling your material. Use your word processor, copying some Caucus postings and pasting them into a word processor file. Over the final weeks, continue this process of selection and editing until the end of the term. You may want to expand on some of your thoughts, relating one topic to another. The aim is NOT to plug everything you ever wrote into the portfolio; choose just those topics that you consider most important for your own understanding of the American Revolution. 
bullet You may start putting materials into your Caucus portfolio at any time and change it as you near the end of term. Or you may choose to wait until the end of the term. But for credit you must have your portfolio posted by the day of the final exam.
bullet If you choose to revise your first essay, or if you did a strong essay, place that in the Caucus portfolio at any time. Eventually you'll want to figure out how that essay fits into the overall organization of the portfolio.
bulletREMEMBER:  All portfolio items should be carefully edited for proper grammar and spelling. Use your word processor checker and proofread.

How will the Portfolio affect the term grade?

bulletDepending on its evaluation, you will receive extra credit to boost participation grades or essay grades, whichever is in greater need.