Hi everyone! It's time for the . . . History 308 midterm. (Yes, please hold the applause, I know you're very excited.)

The test divides into two parts. You have to do 8 IDs. 10 will appear on the test, of which 9 are in the list below.

Toussaint L'Ouverture Wilmot Proviso Buenaventura Baez
Collamer Amendment Clayton-Bulwer Treaty Frenlinguysen-Zavala Treaty
F. Heintze Roosevelt Corollary Lodge Corollary
Bidlack's Treaty Miskito Coast Robert Dawson
Teller amendment Platt amendment Water Witch affair
War of the Pacific Garibaldi Pan American Union
Elihu Root Ostend Manifesto Venezuelan crises
William Walker James Blaine Henry Clay
Panama Congress Treaty of Utrecht asiento
Benito Juarez Henry Lane Wilson Dollar Diplomacy
Olney Manifesto A.T. Mahan Josiah Strong
Narciso Lopez John Hale Africanization of Cuba scare
dual colonialism progressive consensus anti-expansionist consensus

Then, you will have to write one essay, choosing from the following two CLEVERLY phrased essays.

1.) Revisionist historians have charged that the US acted as a hegemon in the hemisphere, creating a de facto empire over the region. To what extent did the US dictate the international relations of the Caribbean Basin? Discuss, making reference to three of the following decades: 1840s, 1850s, 1890s, 1900s.

2.) "The international climate of the US and Latin American revolutions provided the guiding framework for inter-American relations throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries." Do you agree? Compare and contrast the international environment of the period from 1776 through 1826 with one of the following eras: 1848-1860; 1866-1890; 1890-1910.

And, if the webmaster is so inclined, there just may be some extra credit questions on the midterm.